The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Then there is again another point of view, that of Hafiz, that every soul is drunken. It has drunk its ideal, its principle, its inspiration, its ambition, its thought, its feeling; it is all a drink. A person who despises another one -- it is a drink he has in him; that intoxication makes him despise. A person who loves someone -- it is a drink, he has drunk that bowl, he is in that intoxication. If one praises someone, one has drunk the bowl of beauty. If a man has revenge against someone, it only means that he has drunk the bowl of revenge. This life is a wine-press; from that wine-press each person takes that wine which is made for him. The one who looks at it all as a cafe where everyone is drinking, that person is called sober. He sees each person intoxicated, and he too chooses his wine, but he chooses it, he drinks the wine and at the same time knows that it is wine.