The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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A story of Tansen, the singer of king Akbar, tells that Akbar said to him, "You are such a great musician. I wonder how great your teacher must be." Tansen answered, "There is no comparison, My Lord, we are different. He is infinitely greater." Akbar was very much inclined to hear this master's music, but Tansen told him that his master lived in a cave, that it was a very long journey, and even then he did not know if his master would sing before a king. Akbar however was persistent and arrived with Tansen at the cave. The master saw who was his visitor but did not mind, and when he felt moved he began to sing. As he sang Akbar and Tansen went into ecstasy and both lost their consciousness. The master disappeared and they found themselves alone and as in a dream. When they had recovered their senses they went home.