The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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The third aspect of magnetism is perhaps a higher kind than the two which have been described above, for this magnetism is more profound and it affects another person more deeply. This is the magnetism of love, of sympathy, of friendliness.

  • A person who by nature is sympathetic;
  • a person who tolerates, who forgets, who forgives;
  • a person who does not keep bitterness nor malice in his mind against anyone;
  • a person who admires and appreciates beauty, who loves it in art, in nature, in all its forms,
  • and who goes out to friend and foe, to the acquaintance, the stranger, to all;
  • the person who can endure and who can suffer, and who has the power to have patience through all conditions of life,
  • who feels the pain of another in his heart and who is always willing to become a friend.