The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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It is by the power of breath that the animals search for their food; through breath they perceive what they must eat, what they must not eat, and through breath the carnivorous animals search for their prey. It is through breath that certain animals receive warning of dangers and again it is through breath that some animals when ill find their remedy. If the lower creation can do so much by the power of breath how much more can man do, if he only knows the right way of the development of breath. It is through the breath that the birds receive warnings of the changes of the weather, and accordingly they migrate in flocks from one place to another. Through the breath the herds of deer perceive approaching storms or changes of weather or the approach of a lion or a tiger. Man, who is more capable of perceiving by breath still deeper things, warnings and calls from the earth and from Heaven, which places are meant for him to dwell in or to settle in, discriminating between friend and foe and discerning their pleasure and displeasure - owing to his interest in the superficial things of life, cannot fully benefit by the power of breath.