The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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  • One may try to see from the point of view of another as well as from one's own, and so give freedom of thought to everybody because one demands it oneself.
  • One may try to appreciate what is good in another, and overlook what one considers bad.
  • If somebody behaves selfishly towards one, one may take it naturally, because it is human nature to be selfish, and so one is not disappointed; but if one appears oneself to be selfish, one should take oneself to task and try to improve.
  • There is not anything one should not be ready to tolerate, and there is nobody whom one should not forgive.
  • Never doubt those whom you trust; never hate those whom you love.
  • Never cast down those whom you once raise in your estimation.
  • Wish to make friends with everyone you meet; make an effort to gain the friendship of those you find difficult; become indifferent to them only if you cannot succeed in your effort.
  • If anyone causes harm, one should try to think it is because one has deserved it in some way, or else it is that the one who harms knows no better.
  • Remember that every soul that raises its head in life gets much opposition from the world. It has been so with all the prophets, saints and sages, so one cannot expect to be exempt. In this is the law of nature, and also God's plan working and preparing something desirable.
  • No one is either higher or lower than oneself.
  • In all sources that fulfill one's need, one may see one source, God, the only source; and in admiring and in bowing before and in loving anyone, one may consider one is doing it to God.
  • In sorrow one may look to God, and in joy one may thank Him.
  • One does not bemoan the past, nor worry about the future; one tries only to make the best of today.
  • One should know no failure, for even in a fall there is a stepping-stone to rise; but to the Sufi the rise and fall matter little.
  • One does not repent for what one has done, since one thinks, says, and does what one means.
  • One does not fear the consequences of performing one's wish in life, for what will be, will be.