The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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When we watch the animal kingdom closely, we see the special gift of intelligence in some animals.

  • We find that among all birds there is a leader for every flock.
  • Among the elephants of the forest specially, there is the wise elephant who walks in front of the herd, carefully carrying the stem of a tree with his trunk. He uses it as a stick, and examines with it the path he walks upon to discover whether there are any pits in that way, for his own safety as well as that of his followers.
  • In the jungle a troop of monkeys can be seen following the command of one among them; after he has jumped, they all jump.
  • The foxes and dogs in the jungle have among them one who is most wary, who gives the alarm before every coming danger.
  • In a flock of birds one wise and courageous bird leads the whole flock. And this is the case with many other birds and beasts also.