The Teaching of Hazrat Inayat Khan

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They said, "Surely he who came before was from our father, whom our brothers did not recognize and have sunk in the sea, but we are awaiting his coming, for he promised us that he would come." He answered, "It is myself who promised, and went to our father, and now I have come, for the promise given to you was of two natures: "I will come again" was said to those who could recognize me in a different garb, suited to the time and the situation; and "I will send another" or "Another will come" was said to those who were likely to be confused by the external garb. It was said to them so that they might not refuse the word of guidance sent by our most loving father." They understood his word better, but refused to acknowledge him to be the same as the first, whom they had formerly seen and now expected. He spoke, and he showed in his works the signs of their father, but they clung to the person whom they had seen at first, forgetting his word and their father.