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Vol. 2, The Mysticism of Sound

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Vol. 3, Character and Personality

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Vol. 4, The Mind-World

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Vol. 5, Aqibat, Life After Death

Vol. 5, The Phenomenon of the Soul

Vol. 5, Love, Human and Divine

Vol. 5, Pearls from the Ocean Unseen

Vol. 5, Metaphysics, The Experience of the Soul Through the Different Planes of Existence

Vol. 6, The Alchemy of Happiness

Vol. 7, In an Eastern Rose Garden

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Vol. 8, The Privilege of Being Human

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The Message Papers

Four Questions

Exotericism or Esotericism

And then there is a question if Sufism is exotericism or esotericism. Very often I was asked by friends and mureeds, "What is the use of the Universal Worship, what is the use of any outer show? Every religion has it, every church has it. What we need, what we come for, what we desire is the inner teaching." But the answer is, "What is the use of the soul without the body?" No doubt the soul is not the soul without body. It is the body that makes the soul and soul. As body is needed for a soul, so exoteric action is needed for the esoteric development. A deep feeling a person has, but he is dumb; a brave heart a person has, but his arms cannot work: what is the use of having it?

The great masters who have come to the world like Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Christ, Muhammad, Moses, when they gave God's message they did not only tell some souls the deeper understanding but they gave the form of worship to hundreds of thousands, the way of living a life together of harmony, of beauty, of love. That is their mission.

Yes, there have been gurus and teachers, great masters whose work was only to take some pupils, four or five; test them for ten, twenty, fifty years, or perhaps the whole life; and develop them for asceticism or for the higher realization. But that was not a world mission. That was not the work for humanity. That was a help for certain souls. There have always been esoteric schools in the world. But when it comes to God's message -- to a world movement uniting different nations and different countries of followers of different religions in one brotherhood, in one religion, helping them collectively forward toward the goal which humanity has to reach -- then you cannot only have esoteric guidance. Esotericism is the first thing to build. Exotericism will be the spirit behind to carry it through.

I quite understand that dummies without life are dead. And any religious activity which has no esoteric spirit behind it is as dead too. But the Sufi Message may not be compared with it. It is the Message of the day. The esoteric spirit behind it is the backbone of the Message; the body which is the exoteric work of the Sufi Movement is to touch every part of the world and to spread wider and wider and to be impressed in the world deeper and deeper until the will of God is fulfilled.

God Bless You.