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Social Gathekas

Religious Gathekas

The Message Papers

The Healing Papers

Vol. 1, The Way of Illumination

Vol. 1, The Inner Life

Vol. 1, The Soul, Whence And Whither?

Vol. 1, The Purpose of Life

Vol. 2, The Mysticism of Sound and Music

Vol. 2, The Mysticism of Sound

Vol. 2, Cosmic Language

Vol. 2, The Power of the Word

Vol. 3, Education

Vol. 3, Life's Creative Forces: Rasa Shastra

Vol. 3, Character and Personality

Vol. 4, Healing And The Mind World

Vol. 4, Mental Purification

Vol. 4, The Mind-World

Vol. 5, A Sufi Message Of Spiritual Liberty

Vol. 5, Aqibat, Life After Death

Vol. 5, The Phenomenon of the Soul

Vol. 5, Love, Human and Divine

Vol. 5, Pearls from the Ocean Unseen

Vol. 5, Metaphysics, The Experience of the Soul Through the Different Planes of Existence

Vol. 6, The Alchemy of Happiness

Vol. 7, In an Eastern Rose Garden

Vol. 8, Health and Order of Body and Mind

Vol. 8, The Privilege of Being Human

Vol. 8a, Sufi Teachings

Vol. 9, The Unity of Religious Ideals

Vol. 10, Sufi Mysticism

Vol. 10, The Path of Initiation and Discipleship

Vol. 10, Sufi Poetry

Vol. 10, Art: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Vol. 10, The Problem of the Day

Vol. 11, Philosophy

Vol. 11, Psychology

Vol. 11, Mysticism in Life

Vol. 12, The Vision of God and Man

Vol. 12, Confessions: Autobiographical Essays of Hazat Inayat Khan

Vol. 12, Four Plays

Vol. 13, Gathas

Vol. 14, The Smiling Forehead

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Superstitions, Customs, and Beliefs





Everyday Life




1.1, Sense of Beauty and Sincerity

1.2, The Jarring Effect of the Ego of Another

1.3, "What is the Ego?"

1.4, What the Ego Needs and What It Does Not Need

1.5, Constant Battle With the Ego

1.6, The Animal Side of Man's Ego

1.7, Self-Consciousness

1.8, Vanity

1.9, The Three Parts of the Ego

1.10, Three Stages Through Which the Ego Develops

2.1, Necessity and Avidity

2.2, Training by Abstinence

2.3, The Two Sides of the Human Ego

2.4, Training Is As Well a Science As an Art

2.5, Training by Refraining from Free Impulses

2.6, The Ego Is Trained As a Horse

2.7, Training the Mental Ego

2.8, Humility

2.9, Forgiveness

2.10, "Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit"

3.1, The Manner of Friendliness

3.2, Adab (Respect) (1)

3.3, Adab (Respect) (2)

3.4, Respect

3.5, Khatir (Consideration)

3.6, Tawazeh (Sharing with Others)

3.7, Hay (Modesty)

3.8, Modesty

3.9, Ghairat (Honor)

3.10, Inkisar (Selflessness)